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Project VOLUME


Program for the design of kitchen and cabinet furniture for professionals and beginners in this field. Download the free version of the program for Windows, Linux and Apple.

A distinctive feature of the program is the use of parametric products, thus drawing up a project is a set of finished pieces of furniture and editing them to fit.

For advanced users, a manual construction mode is provided. The program is designed for the client to receive a finished project of future furniture in real time.

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Adobe Photoshop

ФотошопThe Adobe Photoshop family of products provides all the tools you need to process digital images, create expressive artistic expressions, and find creative ways to showcase your finished work.

Combine, retouch and compose images. Color old black and white photos. Remove unwanted objects from the photo. Or turn an uninteresting background into an exotic paradise. Everyone can do it with Photoshop.

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DYNALOG – проектирование корпусов

The DYNALOG program is designed for easy cabinet design and easy ordering of fittings. DYNALOG is easy to learn and use, even if you rarely use it. The automatic collision check guarantees results in practice, avoiding trial installations. In addition, DYNALOG offers the possibility to use seller data such as articles and prices of the seller.

Overview of benefits:
  • Convenient case design including collision check
  • Easy hardware selection including installation check
  • Contains complete information for production and ordering
  • Clear data and order management
  • Possibility to integrate SKUs and seller prices
  • 3D visualization in AutoCAD®
  • Data can be exported to various CAD/CAM programs using the DYNAPLAN interface
  • The most common data formats for further use in other programs: xls, csv, doc, html, dxf, dwg, sat, igs, x_t, jpg

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Furniture programs from InteAr Ltd (Woody, Sawyer, Salon+3D)

WoodyWoody 2.03.41 allows you to create a model of a piece of furniture.

Whether it's a kitchen set or an entryway wardrobe with a sliding door system, the designer's ideas are modeled in 3D, and shop drawings and specifications are generated automatically.

The design is supported by an extensive database: parts are created from real board materials, connected using real fittings.

Sweet Home 3D

SweetHome3DThe program is designed for interior design, will help arrange furniture in the rooms of your apartment, choose the best arrangement of interior elements. For design, you can use libraries of 3D models of furniture and interior elements, which are available in large quantities for free download on the official website. Sweet Home 3D allows you to preview the interior in 2D (top view), and can also visualize the final furniture arrangement in 3D.

Program features:

  • Simple and clear interface
  • Catalog of furniture samples by category
  • Ability to import both a house plan and individual 3D objects
  • Hardware editing
  • Ability to change textures, as well as the ability to import them
  • Ability to create a "photo" of the project
  • Ability to print the project plan
  • Plugin support
  • Export in OBJ format
  • Multilingual interface

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Cutting Programs of the CUTTING family are designed for optimal cutting of material into rectangular or linear parts. The programs can be used in woodworking, furniture production, metal cutting, glass cutting, etc. The programs are based on a unique, high-speed algorithm that allows you to quickly cut with minimal waste.
When developing the algorithmic part of the programs, the principle of waste minimization was chosen as the main criterion, and when developing the interface part, the author sought to make the programs simple and convenient in everyday use. The programs operate under Windows XP/Vista/7 operating systems.

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Astra Furniture Designer

Астра Конструктор МебелиFurniture and interior design program. Clear and easy-to-use tools enable rapid design, room placement, realistic 3D design viewing, preparation of project drawings and reports, and export of design details to order for nesting and CNC machines.

Astra Furniture Designer and Astra Cutting is the basis of a complex of programs for furniture production. Together, our software allows you to solve all the tasks: project development, cutting of sheet and molded materials, output to CNC machines and printing of labels of parts, synchronously with their cutting on conventional panel saws. A special priority for our programs is integration with external programs, for example, with 1C and other systems for preparing and managing production.

Astra Cutting -

The program for optimizing the cutting of sheet and molded materials provides a quick input of information about orders and materials; automatic and manual generation of cutting charts; full accounting of dimensional residues and their cutting in subsequent orders; printing of labels, cutting charts and specifications, export of cutting charts to CNC sawing centers.

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A specialized set of programs designed for the design, production, design and sale of cabinet furniture.

"K3-Mebel" allows you to quickly create a product of any complexity, get a full package of design and technological documentation and client reports, present the customer with a photorealistic image of his future project and transfer data to CNC machines for further implementation.

K3-Furniture PKM (Cabinet Furniture Design) is the most complete package of the program available at the moment.

K3-Furniture PKM is a professional tool for the design, production, design and sale of cabinet furniture, which is suitable for both large enterprises and small companies.

This package of the program allows you to make an accurate calculation of the project, avoid typical errors, speed up the development and release of projects, and ensure high quality of technical documentation. In the program it is possible to design kitchens, closets, wardrobes and other cabinet furniture of any complexity. K3-Furniture PKM transfers data to CNC machines and is compatible with all accounting and warehouse programs.

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bCADDesign and engineering:

  • bar counters
  • Sliding wardrobes
  • Kitchens
  • Trade equipment
  • Furniture on a metal frame
  • dressing rooms
  • Exhibition equipment
  • banking equipment
  • Interior partitions
  • doors
  • Solid wood furniture
Features of bCAD
  • Flat (2D) drawing
  • Use of ESKD standards and customization of documentation output formats
  • Free 3D modeling
  • Parametric modeling of arbitrary furniture panels
  • Parametric modeling of profile parts
  • Parametric modeling of finished furniture objects with the possibility of subsequent arbitrary editing
  • Import of 3D models and 2D contours from other design systems (AutoCAD, 3DMAX, SolidWorks, etc.)
  • Extensive libraries of materials, profiles, fasteners and components with the ability to add RANDOM elements
  • Automatic receipt of reporting and production documentation (reports, estimates, specifications, detail drawings, panel and profile cutting maps, assembly diagrams, assembly drawings, etc.)
  • Data transfer to accounting and management systems (ITM, 1C, Excel, Accesse, other systems via XML, DBF, CSV, TXT formats), other design systems, to CNC machines
  • Organization of work in furniture stores
  • Interior design of premises and trade and exhibition pavilions
  • Realistic visualization of projects

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Furniture is brought in using the "drag and drop" method.
Linear objects such as countertops, skirting boards, cornices or light panels are installed automatically.
All elements of the project file are created at the same time (plan, elevations, 3D perspectives, estimate, etc.). Any modification made to one of them is automatically reflected in the others.
Creating a project will take from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

You can easily create even complex spaces (including e.g. curved walls, beams, stairs, pillars, etc.) and arrange them freely thanks to the powerful features of KitchenDraw and the variety of parametric objects available in the catalogs.
You can even create your own catalogs using our revolutionary Mobiscript software!

With KitchenDraw you can produce complete and professional design files giving you an edge over the competition!
The technical documents produced with KitchenDraw are also excellent.

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Bazis Furniture Maker

Базис-МебельщикBazis-Mebelshchik is the main module of the BAZIS system. It is designed to create cabinet furniture products of any complexity, with the ability to automatically obtain a complete set of drawings and specifications. The use of the Bazis-Mebelshchik module allows to reduce the time of design and technological preparation for the production of products by 10-15 times compared to manual work, with a significant reduction in the number of subjective errors.

 Module Features 

  • A professional graphics editor, all the functionality of which is designed for high-speed creation of high-quality drawings, diagrams, specifications and other documents.
  • A set of commands designed to create three-dimensional product models from free-form panels.
  • Installation of panels with gaps, indents and automatic binding to previously created objects.
  • Special means of installing doors and sliding elements according to predetermined parameters.
  • Facing the edges and face of panels with any materials, taking into account the properties of both materials and the technology of a particular production.
  • Multifunctional grooving tool.
  • Creation of assembly units from separate panels.
  • Wide opportunities for working with fasteners, including the formation of custom classes of parametric fasteners.
  • Installation of all currently existing drawer systems and creation of your own libraries.
  • Working with a project - an arbitrary list containing selected products with an indication of their quantity - for cutting materials and calculating the cost.
  • Visualization of the tree structure of the product with the ability to quickly search, view and edit any element.
  • Automatic generation of working drawings based on a three-dimensional model of the product in full compliance with ESKD with the ability to display all the necessary technological parameters on the drawing.
  • Customization for specific production conditions of the algorithm for automatic generation of specifications.
  • Automatic creation of a product assembly diagram with position numbers.
  • Group change of properties and parameters of details.
  • Obtaining a photorealistic image of a product or assembly, taking into account the textures of materials (download textures), location, type and color of light sources, specularity, transparency and other optical properties of surfaces.

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pro100 PRO100 is a completely stand-alone furniture and interior design software with immediate stereoscopic visualization of the scene. It is distinguished by ease of maintenance and professionalism of solutions, clear interface and a variety of tools, the ability to build your own libraries and use many ready-made modules. At any time, thanks to the program, you get access to an automatically updated report of chip packs and elements, project assessment, projections with dimensioning, the possibility of any printout. The program is completely independent, it requires only a computer with Windows installed.

The PRO100 program is used at all those stages of the furniture production process, at which the consumer wants to modernize his work, relying on the achievements of computer technology. So, PRO100 can be used to design furniture from scratch, to build your own library, to plan supply in production, to arrange interiors, or, finally, to assist in the direct sale process - at each of these stages immediate visualization is available. , different types of species, evaluation and reports. As a result, the program stands the test of both small, sole proprietorship, or multi-person firms and sales outlets, as well as large factories with their own store chains and large production centers. Easy maintenance (most operations can be done with the mouse),

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